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CategoryTree for CategoryTree

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This documentation is transcluded from Template:CategoryTree/doc.


This template displays a showable list of subcategories.


  • {{CategoryTree}} - basic form, uses the name of the category page it is placed on
  • {{CategoryTree|pagename}} - uses pagename as the category page name
  • {{CategoryTree|title}} - user-defined header to replace the default "CategoryTree for pagename"
  • {{CategoryTree|pagename|title}} - combining pagename and title to create a hyperlink to Special:CategoryTree?target=pagename with title as title.


will create this:

CategoryTree for Train stations

  • {{CategoryTree|Train stations|Kategoriebaum für Train stations}}
will create this:

Kategoriebaum für Train stations

With #tag:

will create this:
Train stations(42 C, 1 P)

See also[edit]

  • {{Category tree}} - single optional pagename parameter but displays box and text in a user-preferred language chosen from a limited set (as of 2010-01-10: de, de-formal, en, es, fr, hu, ko, nds, pl)
  • {{Category tree all}} - template with more options for pages, subcategories and parent categories, and unlimited language choice
  • mw:Extension:CategoryTree
  • en:Template:Category tree - similar template on the English Wikipedia