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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Category contains/doc.

Experimental template to store a machine-readable specification for the contents of a category.

The specification is similar to that used for Wikidata property P360 "is a list of", but here stored in string form as a fragment for a WDQS SPARQL query. A message is output, offering the reader the chance to test the query (though be warned that this may well time out).


{{Category contains |1= }}

Template parameters

specificationdescription of the category contents, specified as a WDQS SPARQL search fragmentemptyrequired

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the Category namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users


{{Category contains|wdt:P131+ wd:Q23143 ; wdt:P1435 wd:Q15700818 ; wdt:P31?/wdt:P279* wd:Q41176}}

renders as: