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Hidden content... this template generates an error message when given no parameters.

Option parameters for [[Template:Cms-catlist-up]]:

This template takes a pipe ("|") separated list of 'naked' category names and outputs a list of links to the categories. It is designed to up-link to show a categories parents and grandparents and their respective parent and grandparents (if desired) at the page top.
  • definition: 'Naked category name' the {{PAGENAME}}, the category, without the "Category:" string prefixing it.
The lower case parameter can be defined to change the default message or formatting, if desired.

The parameters occur in the following order to build a string which is displayed:

{{{PRE}}}{{{LABEL}}}{{{POST}}} <-- the list of category links, one after the other -->{{{END}}}
So, one can define the lower case version to alter behavior. The defaults are:
|POST={{{post|''{{#if:{{{nowrap|{{{NW|}}}}}}| |<br />}}}}}
|LABEL=parent and upper level categories:  |
  • The {{{SISTER}}} parameter prefixes each "Category:" prefix built from the 'naked' category names.

Technical notes
{{catlst}} is the working template which builds the links and output string. This template
{{cms-catlist-up}} is a front end, or filter module which does most of the typing
for you for the working (and very generalized template). This filter refines and eases
your effort to simple cut and paste, and keeping category relationships straight.

For further information, see: {{catlst/doc}}