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{{cbignore}} (Cite Bot Ignore) is a flag that informs participating bots (such as InternetArchiveBot and WaybackMedic) not to fix a dead link or to otherwise leave a citation alone for whatever reason. For example if the bot is making alterations to the reference that it shouldn't make. {{cbignore}} might also be used by other bots - any participating bot can elect to use this tool as a way to selectively ignore citations.


For references[edit]

  • <ref>{{cite web|...}}{{dead link}}{{cbignore}}</ref>
  • <ref>{{cite web|...}}{{cbignore}}{{dead link}}</ref>
  • <ref>{{cite web|...}}{{dead link}}</ref>{{cbignore}}
  • <ref>{{cite web|...}}</ref>{{cbignore}}{{dead link}}

For Citation templates not inside ref tags[edit]

Place this template directly after the affected citation template or relevant archive or dead-link templates.

  • {{cite web|...}}{{dead link}}{{cbignore}}
  • {{cite web|...}}{{cbignore}}
  • {{cite web|...}}{{cbignore}}{{dead link}}

For external links[edit]

Place the template directly after the link's closing square bracket.

  • [http://bubblesmcgee.com]{{cbignore}}