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Millennium: [[:Category:{{{mill}}}|{{{mill}}}]]
Centuries: [[:category:{{{cpa}}}th century|{{{cpa}}}th century]] - [[:category:{{{c}}}|{{{c}}}]] - [[:category:{{{cn}}}|{{{cn}}}]]
[[:category:{{{cpa}}}00s|{{{cpa}}}00s]](*) [[:category:{{{cpa}}}10s|{{{cpa}}}10s]] [[:category:{{{cpa}}}20s|{{{cpa}}}20s]] [[:category:{{{cpa}}}30s|{{{cpa}}}30s]] [[:category:{{{cpa}}}40s|{{{cpa}}}40s]] [[:category:{{{cpa}}}50s|{{{cpa}}}50s]] [[:category:{{{cpa}}}60s|{{{cpa}}}60s]] [[:category:{{{cpa}}}70s|{{{cpa}}}70s]] [[:category:{{{cpa}}}80s|{{{cpa}}}80s]] [[:category:{{{cpa}}}90s|{{{cpa}}}90s]](+)

( Notes: (*) The year [[:category:{{{cpa}}}00|{{{cpa}}}00]] is not part of the {{{c}}}.
(+) The year [[:category:({{{cpa}}}+1)00|({{{cpa}}}+1)00]] is the last part of this century. )

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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Centurybox/doc.

Build Category:Category navigational templates for centuries. Examples: {{centurybox | mill=2nd millennium| cpa=4 | cpb=th century | c=5th century | cn=6th century | }} (See talk).

{{centurybox | mill=2nd millennium| cpa=14 | cpb=th century | c=15th century | cn=16th century | }}


{{Centurybox |mill= |cn= |c= |cpa= |cpb= }}

Template parameters

millname of millennium category (without Category:), eg 1st millenniumemptyrequired
cnname of category of the next centuryemptyrequired
cname of category of the current centuryemptyrequired
cpanumber prefix for the decades: eg for Category:6th century, cpa=5 (giving 510s, 520s, etc)emptyrequired
cpbsuffix to make a category name with cna - set to st century or nd century if cpa = 1 or 2th centuryoptional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the Template namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

Placement: At the top of the page

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