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Provides a button with hover effects.


{{Clickable button |target= |text= |external= }}

{{Clickable button|FAQ|Frequently asked questions}}
Frequently asked questions

{{Clickable button|target={{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|withJS=MediaWiki:VisualFileChange.js}}|text=This page with '''VisualFileChange'''|external=true}}
This page with VisualFileChange

{{Clickable button|:en:Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Layout|'''Wikipedia's manual of Style'''|class=ui-button-green ui-button-large}}
Wikipedia's manual of Style

{{Clickable button|:en:Wikipedia:Twinkle/Preferences|'''Twinkle preferences'''|iconPrimary=ui-icon-wrench|class=ui-button-blue ui-button-large}}
 Twinkle preferences

{{Clickable button|target={{fullurl:Special:Random/User talk|action=edit&section=new&preloadtitle=I+love+your+work+because}}|text=Do something good|iconSecondary=ui-icon-heart|external=true|class=ui-button-red}}
Do something good 

Template parameters

The target page of the "button". For external links, however, it is recommended using the named parameter target. Please use named parameters if it is an external link because they often contain = which would confuse the parser.emptyrequired
Text (caption) the button should carry. Either you specify text or an icon.emptyrequired
Is this an external link? If it is, set to yes or aye, or whatever you like, except nothing.emptyoptional
A jquery UI icon class for the primary icon (in LTR languages on the left side of the button label/text). E.g. ui-icon-gear[1]emptyoptional
A jquery UI icon class for the secondary icon (in LTR languages on the right side of the button label/text). E.g. ui-icon-triangle-1-semptyoptional
classAdd classes like ui-button-green ui-button-largeemptyoptional
idUnique id to be used as the button's ID-Attribute. Useful for JavaScript-binding and CSS-styling.emptyoptional

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