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This template tags files which depicts an heraldic device, such as a coat of arms, badge, banner, standard or other heraldic emblem.


Blazon herein refers to the description of an heraldic device, and is presented in a written format. Emblazon refers to a rendering of an heraldic device, a visual representation as to what is described by the blazon.

Certain governments have extended copyright protection to new and recent blazons of heraldic devices, though such statutes are ambiguous as to clarify whether and how such protection extends to emblazons that are derived from the protected blazons. Elsewhere, the blazons of heraldic devices are considered public domain and exempt from copyright protection, as both blazons as mere descriptions and the common terminology of blazon are deemed to lack sufficient originality to justify copyright. Emblazons, even if using a protected blazon as reference, arguably meet or exceed the threshold of labour, diligence and originality for copyright protection, and may therefore be freely created from any blazon.

This information template is not a valid license for media, but a rationale for the use or reference of any blazons in the rendering of heraldic devices. Valid licensing information must still accompany this rationale. Some renditions, especially those of recent origin, may be subject to copyright protection by the author. Please provide the appropriate licensing information, including the author, date, source and permission for the media if not "own work".

Individual representations of a coat of arms, drawn from a blazon, may have a copyright belonging to the artist, but are not necessarily derivative works. This is in contrast to a representation which is copied from another representation, which is a derivative work.

Established precedent exists informally that restricts the duplication, appropriation, use or display of heraldic devices known to belong to another. Note furthermore, the duplication, appropriation, use or display of certain heraldic devices, such as emblems of governmental offices, may be legally restricted independent of the copyright status of the media shown here. A coat of arms represents its owner. Thus, this heraldic device should not be duplicated, appropriated, used or displayed in such a way as to create confusion with or prejudice to its owner.

To create a new language version of this template, create a new subpage and use this code:

{{Coa blazon/layout
|headline = This representation of a coat of arms is potentially different from the one used by the {{w|armiger}} (municipality or organisation) in question.
|text = This coat of arms was drawn based on its '''{{w|blazon}}''' which – being a written description – ''is free from copyright.'' Any illustration conforming with the blazon of the arms is considered to ''be heraldically correct''. Thus several different artistic interpretations of the same coat of arms can exist. The design officially used by the armiger is likely protected by copyright, in which case it cannot be used here.<br/><small>Individual representations of a coat of arms, drawn from a blazon, may have a copyright belonging to the artist, but are not necessarily [[Commons:Derivative works|derivative works]].</small>
|lang = en
{{Translated tag|restriction}}

And also replace the language code and add an analogical line to /lang:

- |lang=en
+ |lang={{subst:SUBPAGENAME}}