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English: The coat of arms of Norway has the following blazon: "gules, a lion rampant or, crowned and bearing an axe with blade argent". The state uses a variant consisting of the crowned escutcheon only, and the version used by the monarch has the escutcheon placed within an ermine mantling, and includes the Order of St. Olav:
Royal CoA of Norway.svg Arms of the Kingdom of Norway.svg Blason Norvège.svg
As used by the monarch As used by the state Escutcheon-only
This representation of a coat of arms is potentially different from the one used by the armiger (municipality or organisation) in question.
Armoiries Brabant.svg = Royal Arms of Belgium.svg

“Sable, a lion
rampant or”
This coat of arms was drawn based on its blazon which – being a written description – is free from copyright. Any illustration conforming with the blazon of the arms is considered to be heraldically correct. Thus several different artistic interpretations of the same coat of arms can exist. The design officially used by the armiger is likely protected by copyright, in which case it cannot be used here.
Individual representations of a coat of arms, drawn from a blazon, may have a copyright belonging to the artist, but are not necessarily derivative works.
Further information: Commons:Coats of arms  and Template:Coa blazon

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Public Domain This official Norwegian coat of arms is ineligible for copyright, but its usage is restricted according to Norwegian penal law, independent of the copyright status of the depiction shown here.
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