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Copied from Wikipedia, can be used in place of <code><nowiki> ... </nowiki></code> constructs.


Code Result Remarks
{{code|FOR i:=1 TO ∞ & beyond}} FOR i:=1 TO ∞ & beyond
{{code|&lt;nowiki> ... &lt;/nowiki>}} <nowiki> ... </nowiki> You can use <nowiki> and </nowiki> tags in the argument if you escape them with &lt;
{{code|<table>TEXT</table>}} <table>TEXT</table> Most other HTML/XML tags should work without escaping
{{code|{{shortcuts|COM:SCOPE}}}} [[:Template:Shortcuts]] Template calls may work if you escape the pipe character |
{{code|{{shortcuts{{!}}COM:SCOPE}}}} {{shortcuts|COM:SCOPE}}

See also[edit]

  • {{Codef}} Same as this, but without the nowiki functionality, useful when the argument needs processing, e. g. italicizing