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This has been copied from the English Wikipedia's Codenowiki template. Some features may be missing.

This template provides a speedy way to wrap template source code in <code><nowiki>...</nowiki></code> markup. To work correctly, it must be substituted.


{{subst:codenowiki |1=Here be code}} ... outputs: ...  Here be code

The code produced by the template for this output is:

<code><nowiki>Here be code</nowiki></code>

Embedded substitution[edit]

If the template is transcluded rather than substituted on a page, its output can be corrected by re-saving the page, triggering the substitution embedded within it:

{{subst:Nowiki|Here be code}}


This template does not work with signatures. Typing {{subst:codenowiki|~~~~}} results in displaying your full signature's code.

See also[edit]

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