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File:Compass Rose en small N.svg

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Provides filename of file showing simple compass rose pointing in specified direction and using letters in users language.


{{Compass rose file |1= }}

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
1 Direction of the up-pointing vector. Use 360 minus this number to get direction where north is pointing. It is given as degree values 0-360 (clockwise with north as 0) or a compass point abbreviation (up to four letters) as defined in Boxing the compass. (Example: heading:NW). Note that some icon styles have 16 directions, allowing directions like NNE, and some have only 8. Compass Rose English North.svg 0 required
lang language 0 optional
style icon style. There are many set of icons with versions for different compass points. Sets differ in how many directions are covered (usually 8 or 16) and language support. Available sets are:
name desription # directions languages example
rose Simple rotating compass rose 16 en, he, es, fr, it, de Compass Rose en small NNW.svg
north Simple arrow with letter "N" 8 en BSicon numN045.svg
static Full compass rose. This is a static version, which does not rotate. The directions are highlighted by using different color. 8 or 4 en(8), en2(8, alternative), nl(8), de(8), mk(8), es(4), fr(4), it(4), se(4) Compass Rose English Northwest.svg
heading simple heading icon. The background with N does not rotate, while the heading arrow does 32 en Compass-icon bb NW.svg
rose optional

Additional information

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To add your language to the list of languages supported by this template, please edit the template and add a row to the "{{LangSwitch|}}" construct. It takes the form "|xx= Your translation " (xx being the code of your language)


  • [[{{Compass rose file|W}}|100px]] gives Compass Rose en small W.svg
  • [[{{Compass rose file|0|lang=he}}|100px]] gives Compass Rose he small N.svg
  • [[{{Compass rose file|20|lang=de}}|100px]] gives Compass Rose de small NNE.svg
  • [[{{Compass rose file|90|lang=fr}}|100px]] gives Compass Rose fr small E.svg
  • [[{{Compass rose file|180}}|100px]] gives Compass Rose en small S.svg
  • [[{{Compass rose file|270}}|100px]] gives Compass Rose en small W.svg
  • [[{{Compass rose file|30|style=north}}|100px]] gives BSicon numN315.svg
  • [[{{Compass rose file|E|style=north}}|100px]] gives BSicon numN270.svg
  • [[{{Compass rose file|225|style=static}}|100px]] gives Compass Rose English Southwest.svg
  • [[{{Compass rose file||NW|style=static|lang=se}}|100px]] gives Compass Rose English Northwest.svg
  • [[{{Compass rose file||SW|style=static|lang=en2}}|100px]] gives CompassRose16 SW.png
  • [[{{Compass rose file|30|style=heading}|100px]] gives Compass-icon bb NEbN.svg
  • [[{{Compass rose file|90|style=heading}|100px]] gives Compass-icon bb E.svg