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is a municipality in Italy.

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This documentation is transcluded from Template:ComuneItaly/doc.

This template is intended as an infobox aid in the categories of the Comuni of Italy.


{{ComuneItaly | 1 = | wikidata = }}

Simply entering the province code as first field and the Wikidata item for the article on Wikipedia, if existent, will generate a table with coordinates and map. NOTE: it works only if coordinates are present on the said wikidata item. Check for it before.

Usage without wikidata parameter (deprecated)[edit]

{{ComuneItaly | 1 = | 2 = | 3 = | latdec = | longdec = }}

Example 1[edit]

Name of the municipality corresponding to its category name (in this example: Rome).

{{ComuneItaly | RM | | Map of comune of Rome (metropolitan city of Capital Rome, region Lazio, Italy).svg | wikidata = Q220 | latdec = 41.893056 | longdec = 12.482778}}

Example 2[edit]

Name of the municipality not corresponding to its category name (in this example: Cervino, province of Caserta):

{{ComuneItaly | CE | Cervino | Map of comune of Cervino (province of Caserta, region Campania, Italy).svg | wikidata = Q58569 | latdec = 41.05 | longdec = 14.416667}}


Parametre Description Required or optional?
1 Province code Required
2 Name of the municipality (if the category name is disambigued) Optional
3 Map filename (with extension, without File:) Required
wikidata Name of Wikidata entry for the item Optional
latdec Decimal latitude Optional
longdec Decimal longitude Optional