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Warning sign このファイル(あるいは、このカテゴリー・このギャラリーにある全ファイル)はmust be converted to the fully open and 特許フリーのOGG形式. If an OGG version of this multimedia file is already available, please upload it. After uploading it, consider marking this file for deletion and replace this template with template {{SupersededOGG|new file name.ogg}} in this page.

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Pages bearing this template are automatically added to Category:Convert to OGG, a subcategory of Category:Multimedia for cleanup. The current format (such as MP3 or WMA) may be given as a parameter to the template and will be included in the category name.

注意: このテンプレートを直接使わないでください。これは単なる翻訳です。代わりに {{Convert to OGG}} を使ってください。
NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{Convert to OGG}} instead!