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The following are possible values for parameter 1:

Value Used for... Category #
alphabet images of characters, font examples, etc. category 946
architecture architecture blueprints category 329
art simple images based on artwork, or otherwise related to culture and art category 277
astronomical map a subcategory of map category 64
biology images related to biology, e.g. animal/plant diagrams, human anatomy, anything biological in nature category 937
chemical only for chemical structural formulae, especially skeletal formulae; use chemistry for everything else category 1,532
chemistry images related to chemistry, e.g. molecular orbitals, crystal structure, lab equipment (use chemical for structural formulae) category 1,238
circuit electronic circuit diagrams, etc. category 646
city map a subcategory of map category 252
coat of arms coats of arms category 17,566
diagram diagrams (e.g. mind maps, flow charts, tree data structures, schematics) that do not fit any other subcategory category 3,735
economic map a subcategory of map category 151
economy economic charts category 30
fictional map a subcategory of map category 49
flag flags category 6,179
flag map a subcategory of map category 629
geology images related to geology category 201
glyph for glyphs and letters, e.g. Unicode category 34
graph visual plots of data, e.g. line charts, pie and bar charts, etc. (add graphs to a more specific category like economy, math, physics, chemistry or biology where appropriate) category 4,069
icon icons, which would be suitable as desktop icons for example (otherwise symbol may be better) category 586
linguistic map a subcategory of map category 330
locator map a subcategory of map category 8,945
logo logos, or images intended to be logos category 5,381
map geographical maps category 2,958
math mathematical content (see also should use TeX) category 1,886
military insignia military insignia category 1,664
musical notation sheet music, musical scales, images of notes, etc. category 704
physics images related to physics category 794
realistic images of realistic physical objects, people, etc. category 64
ribbon a subcategory of Military insignia category 841
road map a subcategory of map category 305
signature most images of signatures are best stored in vector format category 170
sport sport-related images (except for logos) category 407
symbol simple arrangements of lines and shapes (e.g. warning and informational signs, road signs, arrow symbols, etc.); use icon if it looks like a desktop icon category 1,566
technology images related to technology and/or engineering, e.g. construction plans, blueprints, technical drawings of cars/planes/ships/weapons, illustrations of industrial processes, etc. (use circuit for electronic circuits and architecture for architecture blueprints, though). category 1,069
text images mainly consisting of text (but use logo for textlogos and consider using alphabet where appropriate) category 608
tartan images of (Scottish) tartans category 265
transport map a subcategory of Map images that should use vector graphics category 1,003
Other default (but see below) category 6,265

Any other parameter value xxxx not mentioned above will cause:

  1. if the subcategory "Category: Xxxx images that should use vector graphics" exists, the file is categorized therein
  2. if such a subcategory does not (yet) exist, the file will be default categorized to Other images that should use vector graphics

Pictogram voting info.svg Note This scheme might still need some work. Feel free to improve the definition of the respective category types to make them more precise and/or clearer.

You can use a user-script with the following code (the first highlighted line can be custom and additional). Simply paste it into your common.js (or other MediaWiki skin related) JavaScript page. You can also edit this (script page) per user-preferences:

var convertToSVGTypes = "meteorology, road sign";