Template:Countries of CONTINENT

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Usage examples[edit]

  • {{Countries of CONTINENT|Andorra|prefix=:Category:Maps of}}
  • {{Countries of CONTINENT|RU|prefix=:Category:People in}}
  • {{Countries of CONTINENT|TUR|prefix=:Category:Fauna of}}
  • {{Countries of CONTINENT|NZ|prefix=:Category:Bicycles in}}
  • {{Countries of CONTINENT|Brazil|prefix=:Category:Vehicles in|suffix=by city}}


  • {{Countries of Europe}}/Asia/Africa/Oceania/etc. – Expected to exist, since this template wraps around them.
  • {{Country2Continent}} – Returns continent(s) for a given country.
  • {{First word}} – Needed to extract first word from transcontinental "Europe and Asia" (Russia), "Asia and Europe" (Cyprus, Turkey, Armenia, etc.), "Asia and Oceania" (Indonesia), etc.
  • {{Last word}} – Same as above, but for the other continent.