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Template:Country data Afghanistan is an internal data container not intended to be transcluded directly. It is used indirectly by templates such as {{flag}}, {{flagcountry}}, and others.

Standard parameters

Parameter nameValueMeaning
aliasAfghanistanMain article name (Afghanistan)
flag aliasFlag of the Taliban.svgImage name (File:Flag of the Taliban.svg, shown on right)

Flag variants

These variants cannot be used unless the line | variant = {{{variant|}}} is added to this template.

LabelFlag image (40px)Image name
1880Flag of Afghanistan (1880–1901).svg
1901Flag of Afghanistan (1901–1919).svg
1919Flag of Afghanistan (1919–1921).svg
1926Flag of Afghanistan (1926–1928).svg
1928aFlag of Afghanistan (1928).svg
1928Flag of Afghanistan (1928–1929).svg
1929aFlag of Afghanistan (1929).svg
1929Flag of Afghanistan (1929–1931).svg
1930Flag of Afghanistan (1931–1973).svg
1973Flag of Afghanistan (1973–1974).svg
1974[[File:{{{flag alias-1974}}}|40px|border]]{{{flag alias-1974}}}
1978[[File:{{{flag alias-1978}}}|40px|border]]{{{flag alias-1978}}}
1978aFlag of Afghanistan (1978).svg
1980Flag of Afghanistan (1980–1987).svg
1987[[File:{{{flag alias-1987}}}|40px|border]]{{{flag alias-1987}}}
1992aFlag of Afghanistan (1992).svg
1992Flag of Afghanistan (1992–2001).svg
1996Flag of Taliban (original).svg
1997Flag of the Taliban.svg
2001Flag of Afghanistan (2001–2002).svg
2002Flag of Afghanistan (2002–2004).svg
2004Flag of Afghanistan (2004–2013).svg
2013Flag of Afghanistan (2004–2021).svg
Taliban[[File:{{{flag alias-Taliban}}}|40px|border]]{{{flag alias-Taliban}}}
navalFlag of the Afghan National Police (English).svg
air forceFlag of the Afghan Air Force.svg

Military ensigns

This template includes a naval ensign flag variant that can be used with {{naval ensign}}:

This template includes an air force ensign flag variant that can be used with {{air force flag}}:

  • {{air force flag|Afghanistan}} Afghan Air Force
  • {{flagicon3|Afghanistan|air force}}Afghanistan

This nation's military ensign is the same as its national flag, so {{armed forces}} produces the following:

This nation's army ensign is the same as its national flag, so {{army}} produces the following:

Redirect aliases

This template can also be used via an alias name (implemented as a redirect to this template):

Alias name{{flag|alias}} output{{flagcountry|alias}} output
AFG (view)Template:Country data AFGTemplate:Country data AFG

See What links here for a full list of redirects.

Example usage

  • {{flag|Afghanistan}} Afghanistan
  • {{flagicon3|Afghanistan}}Afghanistan

Using a flag variant

  • {{flag|Afghanistan|1880}} Afghanistan
  • {{flagicon3|Afghanistan|1880}}Afghanistan

Using a redirect alias


<templatedata>JSON</templatedata> ./. {{TemplateBox}}

TemplateData is a way to store information about template parameters (the description of those and of the whole template) for both humans and machines. It is used by VisualEditor and possibly other tools like Upload Wizard.

Existing template documentation
At Wikimedia Commons, it is recommended to use {{TemplateBox}} with either ‎useTemplateData=1 or ‎useTemplateData=only on the ‎/doc subpage and transcluding it with {{Documentation}} into the template. ‎<nowiki>-tags can be wrapped around the arguments, if required, to avoid templates being expanded.

Newly created template documentation and imports
Another option, especially for imported templates, or for users with JSON experience, is placing raw ‎<templatedata>-tags into the Wikitext of the template, as described in various Wikipediae.

There is an ongoing discussion about that matter. Feel invited to comment if you are experienced in either way, your time permits and if you like to share your opinion or to make a suggestion.

Wikipedia's help about TemplateDataCommons-specific information

This template should not be used directly. It is used indirectly by flag templates such as Template:Flag and Template:Flagicon. See Category:Flag template system for a full list of flag templates and Wikipedia:WikiProject Flag Template for further documentation.

Template parameters[Edit template data]

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