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|1=date |1d= |1def= |1stat=optional- |1type=string/line |2=interval |2d=Desired update interval. One of annually‎, monthly‎, weekly‎, or any other value if a sub-category of Category:Files that need updating is created. |2def= |2stat= |2type=string/line |3=category |3d=Override category. Use for template building and debugging purposes only. |3def= |3stat=optional- |3type=string/wiki-page-name |name=current |desc=Use to identify files that may be overwritten with versions reflecting new information. This applies especially to maps. |namespace=File |usergroup=all |placement= |usage-notes= |type= |example= |i18n-method=switch |i18n-desc=note there are TWO LangSwitches |seealso= |setscats=

|lines= |shorthand= |relieson= |useTemplateData=1