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Green copyright.svg The contents of this file is, in either full extent or partially, based on open public geographic data from the Danish Geodata Agency:
  • No date for retrieval has been added! A date must be added for this license tag to be valid, otherwise the file must be tagged with {{subst:npd}}.
  • No source set has been provided! The source set must be provided, otherwise the file must be tagged with {{subst:npd}}.

Open public geographic data may be freely reused under the conditions for use of open public geographic data:

  • Attribution must include as follow:
    • Contains data from the Danish Geodata Agency or Indeholder data fra Geodatastyrelsen, and
    • the name(s) of the set(s) of data that was used, and
    • the date when the set(s) of data were retrieved from the Danish Geodata Agency.
  • Further if other sourced are mentioned on the front of a service re-using these data, Danish Geodata Agency or Geodatastyrelsen must appear likewise.
  • Usage of the data may not be done in a way which suggests that the Danish Geodata Agency endorses, supports, recommends or markets the user of the data, or the services or products of the user of the data, and re-users must ensure the use of the data is in accordance with Danish law.
  • A copy of the conditions must be made available for third parties, possibly using a link.
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NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{DGA map}} instead!