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Clickable map of the (ro:Defileul Oltului)/(en:Defile Olt) drainage basin[edit]

Lotrioara drainage basin Megieşul & Pleaşa drainages basins Mărul & Strâmba drainages basins Fratelui & Boul drainages basins Vadul drainage basin Vlad/Stupina/Valea Largă/Scaunelor drainage basin Curpănul & Coţii drainage basin Boia drainage basin Uria and Robeşti drainage basin Călineşti under construction Secu drainage basin Băiaşu drainage basin Lotrişor under construction Brădişor Lake Vidra Lake Latoriţa drainage basin Lotru under construction România Cindrel Mountains Făgăraş Mountains Cozia Massif Căpăţânii Mountains Parâng Mountains Şureanu Mountains Lotrului Mountains
Senzitive map of the Defile Olt drainage basin. (Click on the desired quadrant.)


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