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Denmark no consent

Disclaimer of liability for photographs created in Denmark, with the purpose of depicting one or more specific person(s)

This photograph, created in Denmark by ' and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by ', depicts one or more specific identifiable person(s) in a public place (a portrait photograph as defined below) and is published on the Wikimedia Commons media-archive without consent of the subject(s).

Though this photograph may be used on Wikimedia and Wikipedia sites for the purpose of education per the Danish privacy act § 2, stk. 10, most other forms of use will not be legal.

Per the governmental Danish Data Protection Agency a portrait photograph is defined as "a photograph, with the purpose of depicting one or more specific person(s)" and "any publication of a portrait photograph requires consent [of the person depicted]. The reasoning for this, is that such a publication might provide the depicted person with discomfort, possibly with other information such as name, of the publication for all with access to the internet, and the considerations of this discomfort is judged as more important than a possible interest in publication."

Reference: Danish Data Protection Agency: Images on the Web

NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{Denmark no consent}} instead!