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Template:Derivative versions

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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Derivative versions/doc.

This template is used to display [a list of] derivative works of a file.

The template automatically sets the following categories: Files with derivative versions


{{Derivative versions |1= }}

You can add as many images as you like. A namespace prefix (like "File:") does not disturb.



  • {{ Derivative versionsFile:Example.jpgby = username }} or {{ Derivative versions1 = File:Example.jpgby = username }}


Derivative works of this file:  Example.jpg by username

  • {{ Derivative versionsExample.jpgQuery-road.pngSVG example7.svgdisplay = 16 }}


Derivative works of this file:
  • {{ Derivative versionsExample.jpgQuery-road.pngSVG example7.svgdisplay = 24opt = b }}


Derivative works of this file:
  • {{ Derivative versionsOne.svgNr02 blue.svgNr03 red.svg4 icon.svgCircle-ye-5.svgd = 24o = Zo1 = ll1 = first item }}


Derivative works of this file:

For gallery style examples, see the talk page.

This template complements {{Derived from}}. For comparison see the counter-part:

{{ Derivative worksExample.jpgQuery-road.pngSVG example7.svgdisplay = 16opt = l }}
{{ Derived fromExample.jpgQuery-road.pngSVG example7.svgdisplay = 16opt = l }}

Derivative works of this file: 000 This file was derived from:

Template parameters

1Name(s) of the image (with or without namespace).emptyrequired
2, 3, ... nnames of more files; for each empty parameter, the name of parameter 1 is usedemptyoptional
labFFF or l
0l1 ... ln
(Global display label for files) → normally not useful if more than 1 file
individual display labels for each files
disFFF or dl
0d1 ... dn
Global pixel size value to display the image
individual pixel size value(s) for each images
optFFF or o
0o1 ... on
Global additional option for {{F}}, like "l" (left), "b" (bordered) or "Z" (no displayed file names)
individual additional option for {{F}} for each file, like "l", "b" or "Z"
par4FF or ql
0q1 ... qn
Global 4th parameter for {{F}}, like "n" (nolink) or "+" or "-"
individual 4th parameter(s) for {{F}} for each file, like "n" or "+" or "-"
par5FF or rl
0r1 ... rn
Global 5th parameter for {{F}}
individual 5th parameter(s) for {{F}} for each file
wikiFF or kl
0k1 ... kn
Global ISO 639-1 language code for a Wikipedia
individual ISO 639-1 language codes for each file
interF or il
0i1 ... in
Global ISO 639-1 language code for multilanguage SVGs (internationalization)
individual ISO 639-1 language codes for each multilanguage SVG
pfxFFF or xl
0x1 ... pn
Global code prefixing the file(s)
individual code prefix for each file
byFFFF or bl
0b1 ... bn
Global author name(s)
individual author name(s) for each file
0u1 ... unspecify the modifications for the user links, parameters b1 ... bnemptyoptional
galleryset to "yes" for a gallery layout: see {{G}} for gallery parametersemptyoptional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the File namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

See also

The counter-part — nominate pictures where that picture is made (inspired, influenced, uses parts or technique) from:

by User

The file specified with parameter 1, or each file specified with parameters 1 to n, can also be linked with the name of its author.
A value given with the parameter "by=" will be assigned to each file which does not have an individual author assignment with byn.
An individual author assignment can either specify an author, or with no value byn= that no "by" should exist for that file n.
The 'global' parameter "by=user" is for all files that neither get an own author name byn=user, nor are excluded byn=.


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This template makes use of {{Autotranslate}} and the translate extension.