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Warning sign This file is a derivative work incorporating another work or works. While the source of this file has been identified, the source(s) of the incorporated work(s) is/are missing essential source information. The author and source of the incorporated work must be given, so that others can verify the copyright status. Unless the source is given, the file can be speedily deleted seven days after this template was added and the uploader was notified: ({{{1}}} {{{2}}} 2018).

Add source information for this file

- Always check the history to detect vandalism to this page which may have hidden a valid source or otherwise corrupted the information on this page.
- With the tool GlobalUsage you can check the usage of this file in other Wikimedia projects.

When applying this tag:
Use {{subst:dw-nsd}}, to categorize by tag date.
Also, use

{{subst:dw image source|File:Dw no source since/en}}~~~~

to notify the uploader.

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NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{Dw no source since}} instead!