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The purpose of this template is to add an Edit link to other version templates. It adds a link like the one that appear to the left of sections, in the interface language of the user (using {{edit-int}} to achieve that). So for a user using the Norwegian (Bokmål) interface, it will show up as “rediger”, for a user using the Dhivehi interface it will show up as “އުނިއިތުރު ގެންނަވާ”, and for someone using Crimean Tatar in Cyrillic, it will be “Денъиштир”.


The template should be used for all other version templates. The way to use it is to just write the following in the template page—it should always be at the top:

{{edit other versions|PAGENAME}}

PAGENAME here is the part of the page name for the template that comes after the /. For example, for {{Other versions/Märket plain}}, this is Märket plain, and for {{Other versions/Hard drive}} it is Hard drive.