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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Expert identification/doc.

Whereas the identifications in actual use on Wikipedias are generally well reviewed, this does not equally apply to the images on commons as a whole. Many images of biological organisms on Commons have a doubtful identification.

Where possible, it is desirable to add a qualifier to images that have been checked.


{{{Expert identification | Genusname speciesepithet}}}

results in:

Expert identification The scientific taxon name: Genusname speciesepithet has been verified by a person asserting to have adequate taxonomic expertise.

This template expresses that the person inserting this template asserts that he or she is a taxonomic expert and has verified the taxonomic name (species or otherwise) as being correct.

The taxonomic expertise cannot be guaranteed by any other means than tracing the actions of users.

It would be nice to add a small image to this template