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Inserts a MediaWiki external link icon.

  • {{external link icon}}Link
  • {{external link icon|lock}}HTTPS (or "https")
  • {{external link icon|mail}}Email (or "mailto" or "email")
  • {{external link icon|news}}Newsgroup (or "newsgroups")
  • {{external link icon|file}}File (or "ftp")
  • {{external link icon|irc}}Discussion (or "discussion")
  • {{external link icon|audio}}Audio (or a audio file extension, e.g. "mp3")
  • {{external link icon|video}}Video (or video file extension, e.g. "avi")
  • {{external link icon|pdf}}Document (or "document")

Note: These icons are clickable but only for this page, otherwise |link= is added.

Alternate way[edit]

You can also make the external link icons appear by using the following CSS classes*.


After links:[edit]

* <span class="link-https">[[Main Page]]</span>
* <span class="link-mailto">[[Main Page]]</span>
* <span class="link-ftp">[[Main Page]]</span>
* <span class="link-irc">[[Main Page]]</span>
* <span class="link-audio">[[Main Page]]</span>
* <span class="link-video">[[Main Page]]</span>
* <span class="link-document">[[Main Page]]</span>


And for the right color:[edit]

* <span class="link-document">[[Main Page|<span style="color:#36b">Main Page</span>]]</span>


To create an icon by itself:[edit]

* <span class="link-https"><span style="display:none">_</span></span>


  • _

*Note: Only the ones listed will work with the HTML allowed in wikitext. Icon External Link.png & Icon External Link Newsgroups.png aren't possible this way.

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