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Феофил Феофилович Пуцыкович (1846 – 1899)

Template:F.F. Putsykovich - Life of the Saviour of the World

Year of publication

English: Scan from the book "Life of the Saviour of the World" by Feofil Feofilovich Putsykovich
Русский: Отсканированная страница книги Феофила Феофиловича Пуцыковича «Жизнь Спасителя Міра»
Français : extrait du livre "Vie du Sauveur du Monde" de Feofil Feofilovich Putsykovich

Sixth reprint from 1905

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Public domain This work is in the public domain in Russia according to article 1256 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

It was published on territory of the Russian Empire (Russian Republic) except for territories of the Grand Duchy of Finland and Congress Poland before 7 November 1917 and wasn't re-published for 30 days following initial publications on the territory of Soviet Russia or any other states.

The Russian Federation (early RSFSR, Soviet Russia) is the historical heir but not legal successor of the Russian Empire.[1][2]

  1. Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Information about succession of the Russian Federation, legal continuity and repatriation (Russian)
  2. Legal Department of Federation Council of Russia. Commentaries to information from Ministry of Internal Affairs (Russian)

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