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This template stub (currently only English, French, Spanish and German display) is used mainly by Image generation with !=f when files consist only of raster graphics. Category:Fake SVG

See also: Template:TopoSVG, BadSVG

rudimentary Documentation

A BadSVG contains a raster image.
A FakeSVG only contains raster images, or only a single raster image.

An SVG file that contains a raster image and vector data (lines, paths, text, PathText, TextPath, rectangles, ellipses) should be tagged with {{BadSVG}}.
An SVG file that contains only raster images or a single raster image should be tagged with {{FakeSVG}}.

In German there is a longer explanation: User_talk:Sarang/Archive/2018#BadSVG_in_FakeSVG_und_sinnvoll_eingebundes_PNG_trennen?

If you need help distinguishing between {{BadSVG}} and {{FakeSVG}} you can use User:Perhelion/simpleSVGcheck.js[clarification needed]