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Notice Take care when using this template in navboxes to ensure that whatever it is used to float (e.g. an image) does not float over other elements or text ifTemplate:\when the navbox is resized. To align centered lists in a navbox with an image, see the alternatives for navigational boxes section below. For aligning text in general, see {{Align}}. For floating images, boxes, and other elements, see {{Stack}}.

Use {{float}} to position items such as images so they do not affect the alignment or formatting of other items (e.g. text) nearby.

{{float|top= |right= |bottom= |left= |item}}, where top and right default to zero.
{{float|item}} with default positioning top:0, right:0 (i.e. item floats on righthand side).

item is the only required parameter. The optional parameters top, right, bottom, left indicate how far from their respective positions the item is to be positioned. The width of the item may also be specified. Any units may be used so long as they are specified – e.g. {{float|top=2em|left=2em|width=10em|"Blah"}}. Note that if any values other than zero for top and right are required, they need to be specified.


See en:Template:Float.