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The reproduction of this artistic, architectural, or applied artwork, is covered under Taiwan's "Copyright Act" (1992-2016-present), which allows reproduction of works in a public place if the author of the original work is attributed and the reproduction is not solely for the purpose of selling copies.

Article 58 states that:

Artistic works or architectural works displayed on a long-term basis on streets, in parks, on outside walls of buildings, or other outdoor locales open to the public, may be exploited by any means except under the following circumstances:
  • Reproduction of a building by construction of another building.
  • Reproduction of a work of sculpture by production of another sculpture.
  • Reproduction for the purpose of long-term public display in locales specified in this article.
  • Reproduction of artistic works solely for the purpose of selling copies.

Also, Article 64 states that:

  • Who uses other people's works according to Article 44 to 47, Article 48 to Article 50, Article 52, Article 53, Article 55, Article 57, Article Article 58 and Articles 60 to 63, shall clearly indicate their origin.
  • The source of the explicit source in the preceding paragraph shall be used in a reasonable manner except for those whose name is unknown or whose works are unknown.

See Commons:Freedom of Panorama#Taiwan for more information.

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