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Français : abc
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This documentation is transcluded from internationalization template doc.


  • {{fr|Version français}}
  • {{fr|Version français|inline=oui}}

Résultat :

  • {{fr|Version français}} or
  • {{fr|Version français|inline=oui}}.

Voir aussi le multilinguisme à Commons:Multilinguality.


  • {{fr|French translation}}
  • {{fr|1=French translation with links}}
  • {{fr|French translation|inline=yes}}
Français : French translation
Français : French translation with links
Français : French translation

See also: Commons:Localization.

Help for choosing the right template for your use case:

Criterion \\ Template {{Multilingual description}} {{en}}{{fr}} {{LangSwitch}} {{Autotranslate}} {{TNT}}
Requires JavaScript enabled for folding + + - - -
Folding can be disabled by user + + - - -
Folding is done server-side - - + + +
Folding when at least x languages are provided 1 4 1 1 1
Collation order of languages (when not folded) Latin, Latin or Cyrillic, Cyrillic, Greek, Other simple LTR alphabets, Indic, Other South Asian, Syllabaries, Hangul, Japanese scripts, Sinograms, (RTL) Hebrew, (RTL) Arabic languages as provided by the user in the wikitext // // //
Search indexing issues - - + partially (where used; language subpages of templates are indexed) -
Recommended use at categories, galleries file description pages small templates, whenever the previous options are not suitable larger templates when used on pages that do not have language subpages (e.g. not having Main page/en, Main page/de) and where the language displayed will be automatically determined by the language set in user preferences larger templates when used on pages that do have language subpages; most of the time these will be pages prepared with the Translate Extension
Contains expensive parser functions - - - + +