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This template is used in the description field of the main {{information}} template.


{{Fremantle Society Photographic Survey
| description    = 
| street         = 
| classification = 
| section        = 
| cell           = 
| film_roll      = 


  • description is a general description of the photo, especially the street address.
  • street is the name of the street or road. Will categorise the photo in the [street name], Fremantle category.
  • classification is the colour of the circular stickers that have been afixed to the photos.
  • section is an integer betwee 1 and 21.
  • cell is a single uppercase letter between A and Z (or P to be strictly accurate).
  • film_roll is the integer number of the film roll.

The following changes were made to this template when the codes' meanings were sorted out.

  • section used to be called code1
  • cell used to be called code2
  • file_roll used to be called code3