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Source/Photographer Google Art Project: Home - pic Maximum resolution.
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The template automatically sets the following categories:


{{Google Art Project}}

Example blank template with complete list of properties follows. Names are based on those in the Google Art Project artwork JSON metadata with spaces replaced by underscores. Most of these are not used for any particular image. Tags which typically contain long prose content are omitted for copyright reasons, as are infrequently used tags. Tags are separated into three groups:

  1. Commons-only tags (all beginning with "commons_") which can override any of the fields in the artwork template if desired. These are placed at the top to make the artwork template easy to edit. There is a special "zoom" tag indicating the level of zoom (defaults to highest, which is usual except for gigapixel works). These are always included even if blank.
  2. Primary tags, used on most Google Art Project images. These include the artist tags used to describe the artist as well, which all have an artist_ prefix.
  3. Facet tags used on a smaller number of images and providing additional information. The value in these may include a surrounding language template (like {{fr|value}}).

The template will be rendered as a suitable artwork template based on the supplied information.

It also (temporarily ?) autocategorises artworks from a few known (but large) museums collections in a default category for that collection (as indicated by collection_display_name). If this autocategorisation (in a subcategory of Category:Google Art Project works by collection) is undesirable (because the indication is wrong or imprecise), set collection_nocat=1 in the artwork description. By editing this template, you may also remove at once the autocategorisation for all artworks from that specific collection (The autocategorisation facilitates the imports from Google Art Project without having to look for more detailed categories for each artwork), or you may also change the default target category to a subcategory holding artworks to be recategorized (with collection_nocat=1).

{{Google Art Project

|collection_display_name=<!-- implies an autocategorisation unless collection_nocat=1 -->
|height=<!--without the size unit, see also size_unit parameter -->
|pretty_dimensions=<!-- the format used by Google Art Project combines the width, height and size unit -->
|size_unit=<!-- "mm" by default, may be "in" for US collections -->
|width=<!--without the size unit, see also the size_unit parameter -->


Here is an example template filled out by a bot directly from metadata (it has a couple Commons override fields that could also be done by a bot). See the result at File:Master of Flémalle - Portrait of a Fat Man - Google Art Project.jpg.

{{Google Art Project
|commons_artist = {{Creator:Robert Campin}}
|commons_date = {{other date|~|1425}}
|commons_other_versions = <gallery>
File:Campin bold.jpg|Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum
File:Robert Campin Portrait.jpg

|absolute_url = /collection/gemaldegalerie-staatliche-museen-zu-berlin/artwork/portrait-of-a-fat-man-master-of-flemalle/331318/
|alternate_object_id = 331318
|artist_display_name = Master of Flémalle
|artist_id = 328217
|canonical_artist_detail_url = /artist/robert-campin/4127019/
|canonical_artist_id = 4127019
|collection_detail_url = /collection/gemaldegalerie-staatliche-museen-zu-berlin/
|collection_display_name = Gemäldegalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
|collection_id = 325003
|collection_website = http://www.smb.museum/smb/standorte/index.php?p=2&objID=35&n=5&lang=en
|created = 9/30/2011 6:54:03 PM
|detail_url = /collection/gemaldegalerie-staatliche-museen-zu-berlin/artwork/portrait-of-a-fat-man-master-of-flemalle/331318/
|earliest_date = 1425
|facet_cultural = Netherlandish
|facet_medium = Oil on oak wood
|facet_place = Kaiser Friedrich-Museums-Verein
|Credit_Line = <p>Text: © <a href="http://www.prestel.com" rel="external">Prestel Verlag</a> / Gemäldegalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin / Rainald Grosshans<br />
Photo: © <a href="http://www.bpk-images.de" rel="external">b p k - Photo Agency</a> / Kaiser Friedrich-Museums-Verein / Jörg P. Anders</p>
|Medium = Oil on oak wood
|Provenance = Kaiser Friedrich-Museums-Verein
|Style = Netherlandish
|has_streetview = True
|height = 285
|id = 331318
|in_streetview = True
|latest_date = 1425
|latest_date_display = around 1425
|level_detail_url = /collection/gemaldegalerie-staatliche-museen-zu-berlin/level/1/322009/
|level_display_name = 1
|modified = 3/23/2012 11:40:28 PM
|museum_internal_id = 331318
|object_work_type = Painting
|pivot_earliest_decade = 1420
|pivot_latest_decade = 1430
|pretty_dimensions = w177 x h285 cm
|pretty_display_date = around 1425
|primary_asset_is_gigapixel = False
|primary_image_aspect_ratio = 0.609375
|record_type = Object
|room_detail_url = /collection/gemaldegalerie-staatliche-museen-zu-berlin/level/1/322009/room-iv/324026/
|room_display_name = Room IV
|slug = portrait-of-a-fat-man-master-of-flemalle
|title = Portrait of a Fat Man
|title_firstletter = p
|width = 177

The template takes no parameters.

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