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To create a new language version of this template, create a new subpage and use this code:

{{Graphic Lab/layout
|text=This {{#switch:{{{2|}}}|map=map|image=image}} was improved or created by the [[:en:Category:Wikigraphists|Wikigraphists]] of the {{Graphic Lab/link|{{{1|en}}}|Graphic Lab}}. You can [[:en:Wikipedia:Graphic Lab/Image workshop|propose images]] to clean up, improve, create or translate as well.
{{translated tag|marker}}

And replace the language code.

- |lang=en
+ |lang={{subst:SUBPAGENAME}}



Improvement welcome ![edit]

This template was recently set up to organize the various Labs on a similar category sheme. Your help is welcome to improve this template and series. The core template this {{Graphic Lab}}. Specific template should be code such as {{Atelier graphique}}.

Redaction of this template[edit]

Each line should link to its local graphic lab.
The Spanish line should have a link to it’s Spanish Graphic Lab, and to its Spanish Map Lab.
If your wiki have no Map Lab, link to your main Graphic_Lab/Images.
If your wiki have no Graphic Lab, link to Commons:Graphic Lab School/Images to improve.


This template is to be use by ALL Graphic Labs.

1. The 1st variable is the iso code of your home wiki.
2. the 2nd is the work type ( image | map ).
After what, you have to:
a. On commons, create a template with the name of your Graphic Lab (by example "template:Kartenwerkstatt")
b. Fit it with {{Graphic Lab|iso|work type}} (ex: {{Graphic Lab|de|map}} )
c. From now, if you satisfy a request on the deutsch Kartenwerkstatt, upload the file with the template {{Kartenwerkstatt}}


{{Graphic Lab|fr|image}} (iso and work type without majuscule, for diagrams, pictures, etc.)
{{Graphic Lab|en|map}} (iso and work type without majuscule, for all maps)
{{translation possible}} can complete this template

Example of what will be displayed {{Graphic Lab|en|image}} and {{Graphic Lab|de|map}}

Graphic Lab This image was improved or created by the Wikigraphists of the Graphic Lab (en). You can propose images to clean up, improve, create or translate as well.

Graphic Lab This map was improved or created by the Wikigraphists of the Graphic Lab (de). You can propose images to clean up, improve, create or translate as well.

Proud of the work done ![edit]

These templates will finally aim to be merge with :

Template in usage iso type associated Category Number of files tl updated ?
{{Atelier graphique}} (code: {Graphic Lab|fr|image}) fr image Category:Graphic Lab-fr 3,228 yes
{{Atelier graphique carte}} (code: {Graphic Lab|fr|map}) fr map Category:Map Lab-fr 3,671 yes
{{Kartenwerkstatt}} de map Category:Kartenwerkstatt 4,237 no yet accepted,
encouraged to replace its code by {{Graphic Lab|de|map}}
(complex template with authors, etc.)
de photo Category:Fotowerkstatt 3,748 no yet accepted
{{Grafikwerkstatt}} (code: {Graphic Lab|de|image}) de image Category:Graphic Lab-de 60 yes
{{Graphic Lab-en}} (code: {Graphic Lab|en|image}) en image Category:Graphic Lab-en 109 yes
{{Map Lab-en}} (code: {Graphic Lab|en|map}) en map Category:Map Lab-en 5 yes
{{Laboratorio grafico‎}} (code: {Graphic Lab|it|image}) it image Category:Graphic Lab-it 649 yes
{{Laboratorio grafico mappa‎}} (code: {Graphic Lab|it|map}) it map Category:Map Lab-it 274 yes
Total >15.000 !

Your Graphic lab isn't there yet ?[edit]

Please create template pages using as page title the name of your project (in your language), and filled with :

  1. {{Graphic Lab|yourISOcode|image }}
  2. {{Graphic Lab|yourISOcode|map }}
  3. Use it when uploading ! it’s our way to make our work visible, get more request and new graphists !