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The stub switch Igen/qui is an expansion of template:Image generation.
It decides whether parameters are passed when it is a Valued image, or a Quality image is a (W3C-valid vector-) graphic

corresponding parameters
Valued image
Image generation
Description (as in Valued image/doc)
1 ^s scope
2 ^t timestamp
subpage ^p candidate subpage
category ^c category

Therefore the template:Igen/qui proceeds in two different ways:

  1. when one or more of the ^× parameters above are specified with a value, they are passed to Template:Valued image
  2. otherwise when no parameter value exists, Template:{{Quality image}} is transcluded;
    in the case of SVG files some validation information is passed internally, for category diffusion.

Additionally one of the both can be transcuded without parameters by specifying ^=QI or ^=VI.