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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Incorrect biology template usage/AssertNotEmpty/doc.

Called to ensure that the parameter is not empty.
If it is empty, it adds Category:Pages with incorrect biology template usage to the calling category/article/file.
Mostly called by templates to ensure that a parameter has been provided
{{Incorrect biology template usage/AssertNotEmpty|value|sortkey=<YourSortKey>|doc=<docPage>|text=<TheErrorToDisplay> }}
  • value
the value supposed to be not-empty.
Sample (Inside {{IUCN}}): {{{1|}}}
  • sortkey=<YourSortKey>
the sortkey under which the calling category/article/file will be placed in Category:Pages with incorrect biology template usage.
Sample (Inside {{IUCN}}): sortkey=UCN
  • text=<TheErrorToDisplay> (optional)
the error message to be displayed in red when the value is incorrect.
Sample (Inside {{IUCN}}): text=Incorrect empty RiskLevel
  • doc=<docPage> (optional)
the page to which the red error message will link
Sample (Inside {{IUCN}}): doc=Template:IUCN
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