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This template should not be used for normal blocks rather, it is for accounts that have been globally locked by a steward after due consideration. The template adds the __NOINDEX__ magic word. This template is designed to replace the legacy {{Indefblocked-global}} template.


Note: all parameters are optional.

  • blocked=yes - adds the following text to the end of the first sentence "and has been blocked from editing on this wiki".
  • link - can be used to link to relevant discussions (such as the request at meta:SRG, or a COM:ANU discussion). They are forced as plainlinks. link 2 to link 6 can be used for more links if required.

Examples of usage[edit]

Usage Code Output
Basic usage {{Indefblocked-global-WPstyle}}
Locked and blocked on commonswiki without talk page access or email {{Indefblocked-global-WPstyle|blocked=yes}}
Locked and blocked on commonswiki with email only {{Indefblocked-global-WPstyle|blocked=yes|email=yes}}
Locked and blocked on commonswiki with talk page access and email {{Indefblocked-global-WPstyle|blocked=yes|email=yes|tpa=yes}}
Locked with interwiki link to account lock request {{Indefblocked-global-WPstyle|link=[[meta:Steward requests/Global/2013-12#Global lock for some spambots|Steward request]]}}
Locked with URL to account lock request {{Indefblocked-global-WPstyle|link=[//meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Steward _requests/Global/2013-12#Global_lock_for_some_spambots Steward request]}}

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