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Use this template instead of using {{Category redirect}} to redirect a invalid/deprecated taxon category to another one.
If there is exact synonymy (same content), prefer {{Synonym taxon category redirect}}
For example: redirect invalid family category Sternidae to valid family category Laridae (no exact synonymy as Sternidae content has been moved in Laridae).

  • Sternidae:
    {{Invalid taxon category redirect|Laridae|source=ioc3.1|accessdate=2012-09-20}}
    {{Invalid taxon category redirect|Laridae}}
  • Cinclosomatidae (Cinclosomatidae has been splitted in Psophodidae,Eupetidae):
    {{Invalid taxon category redirect|Corvoidea|Psophodidae|Eupetidae|source=ioc3.1}}
{{Invalid taxon category redirect | targetCategoryName | splitedInTaxon1 | splitedInTaxon2 | ... | source=<WebSiteShortName> }}
Main Parameters
  • targetCategoryName
Name of target-category (without the "Category:" prefix).
Sample (for Sternidae): Laridae
  • splitedInTaxonX
Name of a valid taxon that received part of the invalid taxon (without the "Category:" prefix).
Sample (for Cinclosomatidae): Psophodidae|Eupetidae|
  • note=<note> (optional)
To add a note.
Sourcing Parameters
  • source=<WebSiteShortName> (optional)
to display the source of this genus list. See Taxasource/doc for the complete list of managed WebSiteShortName
Sample (for Sternidae): source=ioc3.1
  • name=<TaxonName> (optional, with source=)
on conjunction with source= to specify the taxon name if the current category/gallery name is not exactly the taxon name (In article "Vanda (Orchidaceae)" use name=Vanda)
  • source2=<WebSiteShortName> (optional, with source=)
to provide additional sources
  • ref=<reference> (optional)
if your source is not managed by {{Taxasource}}
  • accessdate=<yyyy-mm-dd> (optional)
to specify when this information has been retrieved from the source(s).

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