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LSH {{{1}}}

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This documentation is transcluded from Template:LSH-link/doc.

English: Generates a persistent URL to an entry in the joint database of the Swedish Royal Armoury, Skokloster Castle and The Hallwyl Museum (LSH).
Svenska: Genererar en persistent URL till en post i Livrustkammarens, Skoklosters slotts och Hallwylska museets samlingsdatabas (LSH).


{{LSH-link |1= |2= }}

Link for additional information (see example) and for persistant linking of Accession numbers (see example).

Template parameters

1Internal id for the objectemptyrequired
2Text for linkemptyoptional
simpleadd simple=yes to generate a url onlyemptyoptional
photoadd photo=yes to generate a link for an image-id rather than an object-idemptyoptional
sourcethe source collection for the imageonly relevant for object links where source=SKObok or source=LRKbokoptional

Additional information

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