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This is a reproduction of a unit of currency from Latvia. Per Latvian law all units of currency that were no longer in circulation by 1 May 2004 are in public domain per the copyright law of 1993 and the copyright law of 2000. Per 2004 amendments of Latvian copyright law, Chapter IV, section 171, the economic copyrights do not apply to currency, however reproductions are allowed either 1.) if written permission is obtained or 2.) criteria for reproduction set by issuing national bank or country are met. Per Bank of Latvia copyright statement, requirements in Regulation for Reproducing the Lats Banknotes and Coins must be met when reproducing lats coins and Reproduction rules of European Central Bank must be met when reproducing euro coins. In both cases the criteria limit reproduction of coins as actual objects (i.e. tokens, medals etc.), which could be mistaken for genuine coins, but have no requirements for images that are flat (i.e. drawings, paintings, photographs, etc).
Flag of Latvia
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