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Basically, a quick boilerplate for <div style=width:60%;> with some additional formatting options.

  • Change the default width with the first parameter.
  • The div must be closed with </div> or {{Left60|end}}
What it is Quick and dirty Quick and dirty effect Alternative parameter (and examples)
align data A=left/right/center align:{{{A}}}; or "align=align:left/right/center"
(specify all of it as quoted)
border command B=1 gives a 1px black border or "border=border 3px blue grooved"
(specify all of it as quoted)
background BG=unquoted color both switch and value, becomes background:"{{{BG}}}" bgcolor=background:#f9f9e7
margins M=1 margin:{{{M}}}; or "margin=margin: 1em 2em 3em 4em"
(specify all of it as quoted)
padding P=1 padding: {{{P}}}; or "padding=padding: values"
(specify all of it as quoted)
vertical alignment V=1 valign={{{V}}} use any other free parameter
E/end/END=1 asserts </div> to terminate the block started by another of the same template. (Far less likely to get deleted by accident or ignorance by another editor!)
parameters {{{2|}}}, {{{3|}}}, and {{{ALTCMD|}}} are all "free" parameters which can be used to specify any legal HTML command within the style quotes, including fonts, line-heights, font size, etc.