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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Located map/doc.

This is a template for locating a map in world-space, suitable for overlaying it on a world map, as done with http://research.microsoft.com/mapcruncher/ and other similar systems.

It is essential to correlate a pixel position on the map with a point given by GPS coordinates, as well as supply the scale and north vector.

A visualization of the scale and the north vector will be overlayed onto the map, which will itself be previewed at the size given by size_width.

This will be suitable for cave surveys, and other overlying type maps.

 {{Located map
  | map_image = image of map
  | map_width = width in pixels
  | map_height = height in pixels
  | size_width = width of preview in pixels 
  | map_caption = what the map is of
  | point_coordinates = preferably in {{coor dm}}
  | point_caption
  | point_x = location in pixels in map space of corresponding point
  | point_y = (in map_width, map_height)
  | scale = metres per pixel
  | north_angle = direction of north vector (optional if 0)