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This category should be used for all plants of {{{1}}}, both native (whether photographed in {{{1}}} or elsewhere) and introduced. If you know which subcategory/ies your plant belongs in then please place it there. If not, use this category. The usual subcategories are:
  • [[:Category:Native flora of {{{1}}}]]. The native and indigenous plants of {{{1}}}.
  • [[:Category:Cultivated flora of {{{1}}}]]. The agricultural and garden plants that are deliberately grown by humans in {{{1}}}.
  • [[:Category:Introduced flora of {{{1}}}]]. Plants that are not indigenous to {{{1}}} but instead have been accidentally or deliberately introduced by human activity or by natural means.

Note that [[:Category:Plants of {{{1}}}]] is depreciated and redirects here (or should do).

Usage: This template should be at the top of all "Flora of ..." categories.

{{MessageBox for Category Flora of|<Country>}}
<Country> is the country of this "Flora of ..." category .