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Watermark removed.svg Textual information (e.g. timestamp) once visible in the image itself has been moved into the image metadata and/or image description page. This makes the image easier to reuse and more language-neutral, and makes the text easier to process and search for. Commons discourages placing visible textual information in images. All licenses accepted on Commons permit this type of modification as a derivative work.

If attribution information were removed and the image is not public domain, replace this tag with {{attribution metadata from licensed image}}.

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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Metadata from image/doc.

History and usage notes[edit]

Use this template after removing text (e.g. timestamp) from an image and placing it in the metadata and/or image description page. Images bearing this template are automatically added to Category:Images which had their watermark removed.

This template originally stemmed from discussion regarding our legal ability to remove watermarks from images bearing the {{Watermark}} tag:

Because of the terms of licenses such as GFDL and CC-BY regarding author attribution, we need to pay special attention to licensed non-public domain images where we removed an author's name, e-mail, website, or signature. For these, instead use the {{attribution metadata from licensed image}} template, which puts images in the subcategory Category:Attribution metadata from licensed image.