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Miller Center Multimedia Archive

This file was taken from the website of the Scripps Library Multimedia Archive of the University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs. The Miller Center multimedia files are taken from the presidential libraries of the presidents they depict. The files are therefore within the public domain, both as works of US Government employees conducted during their work, and as a part of the National Archive.

Video files from the Miller Center are watermarked by the center. In many cases a higher quality version of video, or one without the watermark, will be available through the respective presidential libraries. Users with screencasting software are encouraged to upload new versions of the videos if comparable or greater audio and visual quality can be achieved. If the speech is listed as a Featured Sound, please do not upload the new version over the old one, instead upload a new version and inform Featured Sounds at Wikipedia talk:Featured sound candidates. If it's not a featured sound, feel free to upload the new version over the Miller Center version.