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{{Mono|text to format here}}

renders as:

text to format here

This template is for formatting short bits of content (the only parameter) as monospaced (nonproportional) text. It is simply a quick shorthand for the necessary CSS code. It is a replacement for ‎<tt>...‎</tt> which is an obsolete element under HTML5. (Non-conforming features)

This template should be used where the content is being rendered in monospaced text for purely stylistic/display reasons, where this display has no particular semantic significance.

It should not be used to indicate source code, nor for variables or variable input (use ‎<code>...‎</code> or ‎<source>...‎</source> for code and ‎<var>...‎</var> for variables). For keyboard or samples, use ‎<kbd>...‎</kbd> or ‎<samp>...‎</samp> respectively.

It cannot be used to mark up multiple paragraphs, sections or other block elements, as it uses ‎<span>, which is an inline element. See {{Monoblock}} for a <div>-based block version. Or, multiple instances of {{Mono}} can be invoked.


There are two parameters:
|1= or unnamed – the content to format as monospaced. If the content contains a = character, the parameter must be numbered or the template will break. For backward compatibility with an old, merged-in template, this parameter can also be called |2=.
|needs_review=yes – used (e.g. by bots or AWB scripts) to indicate replacement of now-obsolete ‎<tt>...‎</tt> markup with {{mono|...}} markup. This template displays nothing and presently does no categorization, though a cleanup category can be created if necessary. It indicates that the markup may need to be changed to something more semantically meaningful, such as ‎<code>...‎</code>, ‎<samp>...‎</samp>, or ‎<kbd>...‎</kbd>.


<templatedata>JSON</templatedata> ./. {{TemplateBox}}

TemplateData is a way to store information about template parameters (the description of those and of the whole template) for both humans and machines. It is used by VisualEditor and possibly other tools like Upload Wizard.

Existing template documentation
At Wikimedia Commons, it is recommended to use {{TemplateBox}} with either ‎useTemplateData=1 or ‎useTemplateData=only on the ‎/doc subpage and transcluding it with {{Documentation}} into the template. ‎<nowiki>-tags can be wrapped around the arguments, if required, to avoid templates being expanded.

Newly created template documentation and imports
Another option, especially for imported templates, or for users with JSON experience, is placing raw ‎<templatedata>-tags into the Wikitext of the template, as described in various Wikipediae.

There is an ongoing discussion about that matter. Feel invited to comment if you are experienced in either way, your time permits and if you like to share your opinion or to make a suggestion.

Wikipedia's help about TemplateDataCommons-specific information

This template is for formatting short bits of content as monospaced text.

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Content1 2

The content to format as monospaced.


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