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Use this template instead of using {{Category redirect}} to redirect a monotypic taxon category to its unique sub taxon category.
You should you {{Single}} on the destination category.

  • Redirect the monotypic genus category Oryctolagus to its unique species category Oryctolagus cuniculus :
    {{Monotypic taxon category redirect|Oryctolagus cuniculus|source=MSW|accessdate=2012-09-20}}
    {{Monotypic taxon category redirect|Oryctolagus cuniculus}}
  • Oryctolagus cuniculus should contain:
  • Redirect the genus category Psilorhynchus to its monotypic family category Psilorhynchidae :
    {{Monotypic taxon category redirect|Psilorhynchidae|destIsMonotypic=yes|source=FishBase & ITIS|accessdate=2012-10-29}}
{{Monotypic taxon category redirect | targetCategoryName | source=<WebSiteShortName> }}
Main Parameters
  • targetCategoryName
name of target-category (without the "Category:" prefix)
Sample (for Oryctolagus): Oryctolagus cuniculus
  • destIsMonotypic=yes
Normally the category containing the redirect is monotypic (family redirecting to single genus).
But sometimes it is the destination which is monotypic (genus redirecting to monotypic family), in that case use destIsMonotypic=yes
Sample (for Oryctolagus): destIsMonotypic=yes
  • note=<note> (optional)
To add a note.
Sourcing Parameters
  • source=<WebSiteShortName> (optional)
to display the source of this genus list. See Taxasource/doc for the complete list of managed WebSiteShortName
Sample (for Oryctolagus): source=MSW
  • name=<TaxonName> (optional, with source=)
on conjunction with source= to specify the taxon name if the current category/gallery name is not exactly the taxon name (In article "Vanda (Orchidaceae)" use name=Vanda)
  • source2=<WebSiteShortName> (optional, with source=)
to provide additional sources
  • ref=<reference> (optional)
if your source is not managed by {{Taxasource}}
  • accessdate=<yyyy-mm-dd> (optional)
to specify when this information has been retrieved from the source(s).

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