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Used by COM:MOTD. See Category:Motd thumbtime templates

To find a good time (with a good thumbnail) you may want to use User:Saibo/thumbtimefinder.

Parameter list:

  • 1 - filename part (without the file: prefix). - its displaying or usage is actually disabled in {{Motd thumbtime helper}}, it is displayed by default if Motd/XXXX-YY-ZZ thumbtime page is not existing.
  • 2 - numerical year of the date.
  • 3 - numerical month of the date.
  • 4 - numerical day of the date.

the call of this template will call {{Motd thumbtime helper}} with all the parameters if this template is called on the subpage Motd/XXXX-YY-ZZ thumbtime page, otherwise it will display the filename.