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This page is a translated version of a page Template:Move/i18n and the translation is 56% complete. Changes to the translation template, respectively the source language can be submitted through Template:Move/i18n and have to be approved by a translation administrator.

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Es is a Vaschiawung voh Template:Move/i18n/bar noch [[:Category:]] vurgschlong worn.
Grund: Grund föd. Bittscheh daklär, warum dé Kategorie gänderd wern sói, z.B. |2= wia [[:en:]]
Daatum: föd. Bittscheh schreib fóigernds in d' Vurlog einé: |3=2017-12-13
Objections and discussion have their place at Template talk:Move/i18n/bar (two weeks are considered as adequate time for possible objections). See Commons:Rename a category for general information and policy.
  • Sóboid a eihdeitiger Konsens auf Template talk:Move/i18n/bar dareicht worn is, óder wånns noch zwoa Wócher koane Eihsprych gibt, dua d' Vurlog wieder weggerd und dasétz s' durch {{category redirect}} óder bitt auf Category talk:Requested moves um a weidre Hüf (foiss brauchd werd).
  • If the proposal is clearly or potentially controversial or requires a broader discussion, you can transfer the discussion to Commons:Categories for discussion (replacing this template with {{subst:cfd}})
  • If the proposal is clearly nonsensical, mistaken or consensually rejected, please remove this template.

Warning: processing period depends on activity of Commons volunteers. Some proposals (especially with unclear reason or too weak support) stay waiting for many months to be handled.

Bot command: {{move cat|Move/i18n/bar||reason=}}

HIHWEIS: Bittscheh vawend dé Vurloog néd direkt! Sé deahnt netter ois Ywersétzung. Vawend stott derer {{Move}}.

NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{Move}} instead!