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This documentation is transcluded from Template:NLW collection/doc.

This template is for use with files uploaded from the National Library of Wales' website.


{{NLW collection |author= |title= |summary= |in= |imprint= |other authors= |description= |notes= |subjects= |record number= |date= |source= |permission= |references= |place of discovery= |place depicted= }}

This template should be populated by fields from the NLW catalogue.

Template parameters

authorAuthor of work.emptyoptional
titleTitle of work.emptyoptional
summaryCatalogue summaryemptyoptional
inCollection the image is part of.emptyoptional
imprintThe print details, listed in the standard catalogue as location, publisher, year.emptyoptional
other authorsOther authors named as producing the work.emptyoptional
descriptionPhysical description of the artefact, size, quantity, material.emptyoptional
notesCataloguers' notes giving context for the artefact.emptyoptional
subjectsThe list of subjects which may be useful for categories.emptyoptional
record numberThe record number in the catalogue, seen with a prefix of 'vtlr00'.emptyoptional
dateThe date of the publication of work.emptyoptional
sourceThe source of the image or media file.emptyoptional
permissionPermission for reuse.emptyoptional
referencesFurther references for provenance or content.emptyoptional
place of discoveryPlace discovered.emptyoptional
place depictedLocation in artwork.emptyoptional

Additional information

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