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This documentation is transcluded from Template:NOAA library weather map/doc.

Used for weather maps archived in the NOAA Central Library.


{{NOAA library weather map |1= |2= |3= |4= |5= |6= |7= |8= |9= |10= |11= |12= |13= |14= |15= }}

Note: Translations and additional categories can be added with parameters 14 and 15.
Basic usage only needs {{NOAA library weather map|storm article|storm name|date|||yyyy/yyyymmdd.djvu|true|storm/season}}.

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
1 English Wikipedia article link – e.g. "Hurricane Sandy", "Tropical Storm Debby (2012)" empty required
2 Name of storm to display on template, without year – e.g. "Tropical Storm Beryl", "Hurricane Leslie" empty required
3 Date in yyyy-mm-dd format. empty required
4 Whether or not to display parameter 5; values are "" or "true". empty optional
5 Adds an additional comment in the format "Surface weather analysis of Lorem ipsum on 1 January 1999 comments empty optional
6 Source URL of image in folder empty required
7 Whether or not to categorize image — should nearly always be "true". ("true" or "false"; depends on #8) empty required
8 Category for the image — either a storm category (e.g. "Hurricane Sandy") or a season category (e.g. "2012 Atlantic hurricane season". Always use storm category when possible. (depends on #7) empty required
9 If parameter is "true", displays content of parameter "10". empty optional
10 See parameter #9. empty optional
11 If parameter is "true", categorizes page in category of parameter "12" instead of "Maps of hurricanes and typhoons". empty optional
12 See parameter #11. empty optional
13 Overrides links created by parameters #1 and #2. empty optional
14 Overrides empty optional
15 Place other language description and/or additional categories here – e.g. {{de|1=Die Niederschlagsmenge durch [[:de:Hurrikan Dennis|Hurrikan Dennis]] im Juli 2005.}}[[Category:2005 Atlantic hurricane season]] empty optional

Additional information

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